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INM AEM Accessibility Checker

Improve productivity and create quality content that meets Accessibility requirements with confidence


Ensure compliance

Get peace of mind knowing the content on your website meets all Accessibility requirements.


Equip your authors

Check if content meets Accessibility requirements without having to leave the author interface


Increase collaboration and consistency

Structured and streamlined approach for creating and approving content

Having accessible information systems is both a legal and a moral obligation. Some people say that Accessibility is a product feature. Others say it is a practice.

Reality is: it’s a combination of both, supported by strong technology that guides authors to producing the most accessible content in the fastest and most reliable way.

This is what INM’s AEM Accessibility Checker was designed for.


Register for our upcoming webinar on December 14th on Meeting Accessibility Requirements with Confidence with the INM AEM Accessibility Checker


What INM AEM Accessibility Checker provides:

  • Authors with a powerful, easy to use and comprehensive tool to help them produce accessible content, while in the author environment
  • Increased collaboration and streamlined content approval process
  • Improved SEO, mobile web design & usability thanks to a consistent approach to Accessibility
  • Compliance with common Accessibility requirements: WCAG 2.0, AODA, SGQRI-008
  • A tool that is easy to install, learn and use


We are currently running a private beta.

Contact us today to participate