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    2014 - Year in Review

    Happy Holidays from INM

    As the year comes to an end, we took a step back to reflect on the last twelve months. In doing so, we realized 2014 was a busy year; we celebrated our 25th anniversary, worked on a number of cool projects using different technology, we hosted and attended some great events, supported our community and much, much more.

    Here is a snapshot of what you may have missed...

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    Adobe Experience Manager: Designing Your Authors’ Experience

    AEM User Group Meeting

    Last week we had the pleasure of hosting the first local meeting of the Montreal Chapter of the Adobe Experience Manager (formerly Adobe CQ) user group. Since the event took place on the eve of World Usability Day, we decided to focus our discussion around the topic of Author Experience.

    The concept of “author experience” has changed tremendously over the last several decades. Back in the 1970’s, content authors engaged with technology in a centralized way. Applications were housed on central servers and users needed to be trained on custom interactions. This often involved highly custom classes and training sessions. In the 1990’s, the interactions became more standard and industrialized and authors were given off-the-shelf manuals to learn how to use their tools.

    Today, we understand that there is value in building technologies and systems that are more intuitive and provide greater guidance. When a web content management system (WCMS) is implemented with the author in mind, it will increase productivity, improve collaboration, reduce change management, ensure employee satisfaction, increase quality and content hygiene, and create better consistency and governance.

    But how do you design your web content management implementation to meet the needs of your authors? Let’s look at some recommendations and best practices.

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    Managing Your Business’ Social Media Channels – Recent Changes You Need to Know About


    As the summer approaches and vacation season begins, work loads can get a little lighter allowing us to tackle that long list of to-do’s that we’ve tucked away for a rainy day.

    One of these to-dos should be to take a look at your business’ social media presence and see how it can be optimized to attract the most traffic, likes and shares as possible.

    Many of the top social media sites have come out with major announcements in the past few weeks. Some have changed page layouts and designs, while others have added more value for brands in terms of sponsorship opportunities or richer data.  Here is a quick summary of what you need to know.

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