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    Google rolls out mobile-friendly update - how does this impact you?


    If you’ve been procrastinating on making sure your website is optimized for mobile devices, Google’s latest update might just be the kick in the behind you need to get moving. Google announced earlier this year that it was going to be changing its search algorithms and that a website’s mobile-friendliness would be a factor in determining search ranking. Yesterday was officially M-Day and Google made its mobile-friendly update attributing higher rankings to mobile-friendly pages on mobile search results.

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    So, What Happened at Adobe Summit 2015?

    Adobe Summit 2015

    Every March, a few thousand of the greatest minds in digital marketing make the trek to the mountains of Utah to gather for Adobe Summit, the largest and highest profile digital marking conference in North America.

    This is THE event for Adobe’s Marketing Cloud team, with a slew of big announcements around innovation, product enhancements and stellar new clients. With over 7,000 attendees and top-notch production, the event feels a bit more like a rock show than a conference.

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    Working in AEM Touch UI and Classic UI

    AEM Feb 4 User Group

    A few weeks ago, we attended the Montreal Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) User Group meeting where the discussion topic revolved around the differences and challenges in working in Touch UI vs. Classic UI.

    When Adobe introduced AEM 5.6 it also introduced a new mobile-friendly Touch UI  (also known as Graphite UI). This UI was meant to address the growing need for authors to be able to create and edit content on their tablets and phones while on the go. Touch UI is designed with the author in mind, allowing for easy updates using a touch-device, while still supporting navigation with a mouse for users working on a laptop or desktop. 

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